Balloon Party Poppers


Ready for a breathtaking colorful party? Having an appealing and highly requested color at parties, has made you a balloon to pop by all the other envious and mischievous balloons that travel with you. The only solution is to make a stand and convert them all, making good use of the limited helium available in the van, so everyone arrives at the party in good conditions!

When two balloons collide both deflate a little and when a balloon hasn’t any more air left then is converted in the color of the opponent. You’ll have a limited amount of helium in each level to convert your rivals which will have some abilities of their own.
A fun free game for all ages that tests players agility and strategy. Take a deep breath and get this party starting!


  • Fun and challenging gameplay
  • Two different characters to play
  • Cool sound effects and animations
  • 30 exciting levels
  • English, Spanish, French and Portuguese available
  • Funny cartoon graphics